DIY Lip Scrub

Nothing can complete a look like the perfect lip color. Whether it’s a bold red for a night out on the town, or subtle nude for Sunday brunch (or vice versa because you do what you want!) the lip choice is important. Nothing will bring that look crashing down more than lip color applied over peeling skin. We’ve all had that friend to let us know its time to reapply and many times it’s because half of the lip color is rolled up in loose skin. The cold months are upon us. The common culprit is a lack of exfoliation. Lip color will not apply smoothly nor will it last as long on super dry or chapped lips. Treat your lips to a DIY lip scrub to prepare them for your lipstick. Check out this recipe adapted from ChroniCurls

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub


Sugar (regular, raw, or brown) 2 tbsp

Coconut Oil 1 tsp

Honey 1 tsp

Apply the ingredients, one by one, into a small mixing bowl before placing the final product in an airtight container to use at-will. Let me hear your results!



Brittany Waters is a health educator in Raleigh, NC. A self-proclaimed product junkie and obsessed with DIY projects, she's always looking for her next travel adventure, a glass of wine and is known for putting on concerts in the car. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @missbrittanymadison.

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