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The UnRefinery Co. brings to you clean and non-toxic beauty products from black and women-owned businesses


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Conscious Beauty

A natural beauty and lifestyle store, since 2017, The UnRefinery Co. has celebrated the natural beauty of the conscious consumer who believes in beauty and wellness products that are non-toxic, but do what they say. Using organic and clean beauty products does not mean a sacrifice in quality. 


At The UnRefinery Co, you will find brands that pay special attention to the ingredients in their products. We believe in the brands that hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to ingredients and formulas that are not harmful to our health. Shea butter. Coconut Oil. Jojoba Oil. Almond Oil. Ingredients like these are at the base of our products and rest assured, you'll most likely be able to pronounce them all. We want to give our customers the power to choose what they put not only in their bodies, but on their bodies. Most of all, we want to you to feel the most natural you.


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Our Story

Brittany Waters is a Charlotte, NC native and health educator by profession. A self-proclaimed DIY enthusiast and product junkie, Brittany discovered a love for using natural products in her hair care routine that spread to all natural products. After learning of many of the harmful chemicals in our day to day beauty products, she began to whip up her own products and share them with family and friends. 

The UnRefinery Co. was created to share that love of natural products and the knowledge learned along the way. Our goal is to ease the transition from the use of traditional beauty products to more ingredient-conscious soaps, makeup, hair and other self-care products. Using organic and/or clean products doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. Welcome to The UnRefinery Co.